Tutorial: How to Make an Intention Candle

What is an intention candle?

An intention candle is similar to a vision board in that you use collage as a way to visually communicate and affirm your ideas. It is different than a vision board in thatJanuary 2016 109 it is not specifically intended to manifest your vision, but instead to offer your purest intentions.

An intention candle sets forth your intentions. How do you want to experience yourself? What do you want to offer to others? What do you want to share? How do you wish to move in the world? What do you want to celebrate? What do you want to share about yourself?

Each lighting of the candle throughout the year serves as a reaffirmation of your intentions. I use mine to focus and to create sacred space. Lighting it is my signal to myself that I am going to do focused, sacred, centered work.


  • Tall white candle in glass (sometimes called “7 day candles” or prayer candles). These are usually available for $1 from Dollar Tree and similar stores.
  • Magazines, old calendars, postcards, quotes, images. Thinner paper is better than cardstock weight in order to have it actually stick to the candle.
  • Glue: white glue works well for paper and hot glue works best for 3-D attachments
  • Optional:
    • ribbon or cord
    • charms (+ split rings to attach them to the cord)
    • beads
    • tiny gemstones or shells
    • mini resin goddess charms from our shop

If you want to include Womanrunes on your candle, you can draw them on, or use the printables available in our free introduction January 2016 029class.


  1. Cut out anything from your collage supplies that speaks to you and what you’d like to offer to 2016.
  2. Glue the paper items to the glass outside of your candle. Layer the images so they overlap and there are no glass spaces left visible.
  3. Hot glue any 3-D items onto the glass. These can be pried off again if you make a mistake. As the candle burns down, sometimes the glue will detach and the charm will fall off. That’s okay! It has done its work.
  4. Attach any charms or beads to your ribbon or cord and tie it around the top of the candle in the groove around the glass. I used a piece of red cord from our Red Tent Circle.

Dedicate your candle:

You may anoint your candle with a special essential oil or with herbs or flower petals or incense (I used rose petals in mine this year).January 2016 117

Light it and sing Free Ticket to Heaven by Ruth Barrett. The song is available from iTunes also. I like to sing it on my own though!

Let the path be clear before me, let all go as I will
And the past be clean behind me, let all go as I will
And the ones I love beside me, let all go as I will
And the Goddess light above me, let all go as I will
And the Mother Earth beneath me, let all go as I will
And my own true self within me, let all go as I will
let all go as I will
let all go as I will

Bright blessings for a beautiful, intentional year!

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