Poem: Welcoming Fall

Each year fall waltzes in,
slow and supple,
her golden light illuminating
the pines,
her slowed rhythm
tugging at our hearts and bodies,
her red and brown cloak
settling over the land.
We are invited
to yield to grace,
offering up our gratitude
and celebration,
releasing our stored up
worries and concerns
into her capable hands,
remembering how to let things go,
how to scatter our offerings
and our troubles into the winds.
Now is the time to sit in the stillpoint,
to call ourselves back home,
to accept her invitation
to sit in the center
of our very own lives
and choose,
to recall our strength and to be held.
Extend your hands into autumn.
Hold your palms open.
In one hand you give
and in the other you receive.
Trust in this balance,
the ongoing cycle
of change and discovery
in which you move.
Feel her kiss your face
and fill your heart.
You are strong.
You are loved.
You are needed.
Bring your hands together,
one full of grace
and one full of patience.
Kiss your fingertips
and lay your hands
against your heart
where wholeness resides
and truth speaks.


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