Message: Original Blessing

I believe in original blessing,
the first breath we take,
that we ever opened our eyes
at all.
This is a miracle.
We are touched by grace
and awakened by love.
May we find refuge in knowing
that this is where we come from,
a force so irresistible and strong,
that she spun an entire universe
from nothingness into now.

Last week, I started a new weekly class with Patricia Lynn Reilly and Monette Chilson of WomanSpirit Reclamation. It is called This I Believe and we are looking at our own original beliefs (from girlhood, before any indoctrination). This is something I’ve already done a lot of excavating/clarifying—in fact I literally wrote a dissertation about it, lol—and I went to bed after the first class thinking, “I’ve done this already, I’ll just find something I’ve already written to explain what I believe.” Imagine my surprise to wake up the following morning only to scribble out three entire pages of a new “This I Believe” statement unlocked by the experience of sitting in circle with the class. And, then, the final sentence I wrote was the one below (on the graphic) and I found myself wondering if that really is at the heart of the entire three pages and maybe the only statement of belief I actually need…

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