Pre-Orders Open! In the Temple of the Ordinary

I write to give voice to
the small and sacred,
the poignant and powerful,
so that other people
feel both heard and held.

I am delighted to announce that my newest book of poem-stories, In the Temple of the Ordinary, is available for pre-order in our shop (also available on Kindle and in print on Amazon already). The book is 196 pages and is an assortment of poems centered around everyday magic and the magic of place, the extraordinary wisdom of the sacred land beneath our feet.

Last week, I went to a writer’s club at the local library had such a good time sharing and learning in a small group setting. I had forgotten how good it feels to talk—in person—with other writers who get it–the passion, the drive, the compulsion, almost, to write it down. We talked about our “whys” and while I didn’t hit on the essence of my own until I was driving home, it did come to me (above) as well as this addition:

To touch the chord of the sacred
that chimes in the heart and bones
so that other people are inspired
to pay attention to the small magics
and everyday enchantments
of their own lives. 

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