Message: Tending to Peace

Here, we are invited
to tend to the heart of things,
invited to deepen and renew,
invited to reflect and restore.
We are asked to soften,
to open,
to breathe the breath of grace,
to know the taste of possibility,
and the sweet touch of joy.
I know that there is so much need.
I know that there is so much to do.
I know we are tugged
in so many directions
and to so many worthy causes.
And yet, there is more to life
than going and doing.
Our hearts know this.
Children know this.
The wind knows this.
The sky and earth know this.
Sit for a spell, dear one.
Listen to the rain fall
and watch the leaves.
Look for a bird.
Feel the air.
Tend to a space for yourself
at the center of your own life
where your soul stretches out
to meet the sacred/Goddess.
Allow yourself to be at peace
as often as you can.

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