Audio Retreat: Spots of Time (Toolkit for Sacred Pauses)

This month’s audio is about spots of time, simple magic, small moments of enchantment and self-care, and about starting where you are–with who you are and with what you have, not trying to be different or better or other than you are, just right now…

“It was excruciatingly easy to lose touch with the inner life of the soul. There was such a profusion of demand and complexity, so many to-do lists, the unceasing compulsion to accomplish something. When I read that the Chinese pictograph for busyness is ‘heart-killing,’ I felt the truth of that in my bones. In the midst of this struggle to care for my soul, I read Wordsworth’s poem, ‘The Prelude,’ in which he writes about ‘spots of time’ that nourish and repair the soul. I believe he was referring to brief, concentrated moments—little epiphanies—that inflame us with a sense of the holy. I began to search for spots of time here and there in my day. I found them by stopping. Just stopping….I began to ‘come away’ to a nook somewhere in the house or the yard where I would spend five minutes or less sitting still and receding into the quiet core of myself…caring for my soul turned out to be simply that—spots of time in which to be.”

—Sue Monk Kidd, Firstlight


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