Sustenance and Simplicity (#30DaysofGoddess

Welcome to August! The theme for #30DaysofGoddess this month is sustenance and simplicity.

The most radical and revolutionary
acts of magic I know are:
Listening to your body. 
Trusting your heart. 
Following your joy. 
Looking, listening, and feeling. 
Bearing witness to what is. 
Calling your attention/spirit back. 
Returning to center. 
Being present for it all. 
again and again. 

Things to consider this month:

What is sustaining you?
What might you let go of?
Are you having any fun?
What feels heavy or like “too much”?
What needs to change?
Are you keeping it simple?


#30DaysofGoddess is a unique, multi-layered experience, the heart of  which is creating daily practices that nurture, support, nourish, and  sustain you on a goddess-centered path. There is no behind and there is no right way! #30DaysofGoddess helps build and nurture a personal, living experience of thealogy and the sacred that permeates the day.

I really find that there’s something extra powerful both about having the container/the dedicated space AND having it be time-linked (only 30 days at a time) that makes this process special. This way, there is room to change and adjust and recommit and keep it fresh—no shame, no blame.

Reminder: I’ve built a new #30DaysofGoddess 101 site to support people who are brand new to the practice. I hope this will help meet the needs of people who are just coming to the practice as well as to the people who have been with us for 550+ days!

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