Upcoming Online Event: Meet Her at the Altar

This weekend I’m pleased to be guest presenting for Meet Her at the Altar from WomanSpirit Reclamation with Monette Chilson.

Note: if you are a member of my Goddess Magic (Expansion) community on Patreon, you have complimentary access. Otherwise, see below for registration information!

From Monette about the event:

Do you feel like you’ve been plunged into an alternate universe that requires you to respond to crisis after crisis with both compassion & action? Do you find yourself ignoring your own dreams & creative impulses because it feels like the world is on fire?

Your dreams & the creative impulses behind them are your truest guides.

If you ignore them, you will deprive the world of your unique contribution that will ripple in ways you can’t possibly foresee.

So this Sunday at 12 noon ET, Molly Remer of @brigidsgrove will lead us through an embodied experience of remembering our dreams & trusting their calling.

Together we will honor the planting & nurturing of our dream blossoms using a mandala exploration as our guide.

Meet Her At the Altar is a sacred space we carve out monthly for our Sovereign Sisterhood to reconnect through ritual & practice. We invite visiting priestesses to lead us, bringing a diversity of perspective to our community.

Want in? Follow the link in my bio to Planting Dream Blossoms & join for only $29 a month. Cancel at any time if it’s not a good fit.

This gathering alone is worth the cost of joining, but you’ll get much more—weekly support groups, monthly author talks (including a free ebook this month) & seasonal art experience.

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