Creating and Sustaining Devotional Practices

May we know the pause:
May the pauses themselves
form our prayers.

#30DaysofGoddess is intended to be a gentle container for daily practice. A container for you to live and love not a challenge to perform. This means that if you miss a day, no problem. You just start again the next day! It also means there are very, very simple and tiny ways to stay involved and stay committed (including just placing your hand on your heart and speaking the name of the Goddess aloud). There is no behind, no failure, and no right way. If you don’t want to write prayers, reading aloud a prayer from one of the Goddess Devotionals or another anthology and then copying down a favorite line in your prayerbook can be a powerful experience too. Choosing a card from the our free decks of printable affirmation cards, prayer cards, or blessing cards and reading one aloud (or gluing it onto your prayerbook page) can also be a simple and sacred moment in your busy days. Side note: I’ve also been making daily 15-30 second mini ritual reels over on Instagram this month.

The phrase #30DaysofGoddess really becomes a metaphor or shorthand for daily goddess-centered practice, for devotion, for walking a goddess-based path, for goddess everyday…in some way.

“The holy things we need for healing and sustenance
are almost always the same
as the ordinary things right in front of us.”

–Nadia Bolz-Weber

I also wanted to re-share this video from last year about alternate ideas for daily practice (without making a book). It has some good thoughts about simple daily practices!

Handout version of these ideas.

Reminder: the #30DaysofGoddess June Practice Update is ready!

And, from last week’s newsletter: Brief set of prayers for weary hearts and weary times–these can be printed out as little prayercards or printed doubled sided and folded in half to make a booklet.

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