Walking with Persephone…Spring Questions

This week I was delighted to read some Spring Equinox musings from Debra Trappen inspired in part by my book Walking with Persephone.

Debra writes:

“Earlier this month, I started to read “Walking with Persephone” by Molly Remer again. You can get the book from Womancraft Publishing or Molly’s Etsy store – Brigid’s Grove.

The flow of the book begins in Spring and March because Persephone’s story is woven into this time of year. (If you have already learned about Persephone, you can read all about the Sumerian Goddess Inanna who also makes the journey from the underworld!)

On this day, Persephone comes up from her winter in the underworld. Her mother Demeter, the Earth Goddess, rejoices at her return and all the plants start to grow again. In the oldest version of the myth, Persephone chooses to go down. Like Inanna, she “inclines her ear to the great below.”

In both stories, these women release what holds them back and embrace their wisdom as they rise up to where they can share all they have learned with their beloveds.

These women teach us that:

🌀 without deep incubation there is no birth – of life or ideas

🌀 life-changing lessons abound when we are in the fire… learnings that allow us to rise to higher levels

🌀 we are able to heal and move into new ways of being when we honor our pain and grief

🌀 we will not mature into the divine wisdom and empowerment of our Sage while we desperately grasp to remain young

🌀 without the dormancy of winter there would be no blossoming in spring.”

Read more in Debra’s complete post here.

And, order the book here.

This past fall, I was interviewed by Debra and Molly on their Spill the Tea podcast and the replay can be accessed here (note: I had serious technical difficulties during the recording and I accidentally get disconnected a frustrating amount of times during our chat!)

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