Recent Reads and Recent Listens

This year, after seven years of faithfully sending out a free monthly newsletter to our Creative Spirit Circle community, I’ve opted to create a weekly newsletter instead. I feel like this is a way to be of greater service to the wider community, to offer a more meaningful level of focused, reliable contribution to the people who enjoy our work, and to be a means of a more direct dialog compared to the wide but shallow net of social media engagement. I’ve noticed that it has helped my “voice” in the newsletter to prepare a weekly edition instead of once a month and I’m finding that I keep my eyes open all week for little tidbits to include! Newsletter sign up is free and available here. In the meantime, I wanted to make a blog post about some of the recent reads and recent listens that I’ve been sharing in the weekly news:

Recent Reads

Recent Listens

What have you been listening to or reading lately? Where do you long to go deeper with your learning and listening and loving?

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