Happy Solstice!

Thank you for being a part of Brigid’s Grove! Wishing you winter blessings for a peaceful pause.

We close for the season on December 15. We will reopen with limited inventory on January 3.

Sending you so much love for a gentle solstice season, cloaked in restoration, connection, and celebration.

 Happy Solstice!

A couple of reminders:

Our free Winter Magic class (which can be accessed using code “FREECLASS”) continues to run until New Year’s Eve and you are welcome to dip and dive into it as you will. It has a lot of content in it, so please don’t worry about listening to or doing it all, just pick and choose according to your interest and time.

The Calamoondala class has also reopened for 2021 and is free too! This is a quick, one day class that can be completed in one sitting.

A #30DaysofGoddess class is set to begin at the very end of December and will run the entire month of January. This class was a pre-order bonus for people who bought the companion deck in the summer. For non-preorders, we are offering a half price coupon with deck purchase until December 15th.

Other Updates

  •  The January prayerbooks for #30DaysofGoddess arrived twice with a print flaw–back cover on the front, front cover on the back. The corrected print run has not yet arrived and since we are closing so soon I made a discounted listing for the flawed books here.
  • New coloring books are also here and Super Simple Logbooks are here (they have three months in one book).
  • The #30DaysofGoddess practice home page will be updated with new resources for January on December 29. As always, the core practice and supporting resources are free and you are welcome to join in at any time.

May we preserve
margins for magic
and spaces for stillness.
May we guard a pause
for the sacred to speak
and mystery to sing.

Winter Blessings to you!

Molly, Mark, + the Brigid’s Grove Staff (Lann, Shasta, and John)

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