Winter Holiday Shop Update!

Be not afraid or uncertain,
for where you are
is holy ground.
The temple is beneath your feet.
You are your own sacred space.
You are an embodied prayer.
May you walk in awareness,
trust, and faith
today and all days.

Thank you for being a part of Brigid’s Grove! We are grateful for you! Our holiday shop update is live. We’ve added two new sculptures–the Spiral Goddess shown in this post and our new Goddess of Willendorf! We also have fresh holiday colors, minis, and Lads, Maidens, Crones, and Sacred Companions still coming soon. We will be continuing to update the shop on Fridays with holiday inventory and other treasures until we close for the season on December 15th. We will offer a very limited run of Word of the Year Goddess spaces during the final week of this month.

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