What is #30DaysofGoddess?

30DaysofGoddess was an idea that dropped into my open hands shortly before the winter solstice last year. It is a combination of creative expression and sacred experiencing centered around helping you find simple daily devotional practices for mindful living on a goddess-centered path.

The heart and soul of the practice that I offer personally are monthly prompts and affirmations in combination with our companion prayerbooks and devotional card decks. However, there are endless ways to make this practice work for you. At the core is the concept of showing up for your life as it is and in so doing keeping a promise to the sacred.

While you definitely do not have to keep a daily book to participate, the power of the book is how it creates a portable sacred space for you and becomes a touchstone for experience, reflection, creativity, joy, and goddess-wisdom in your days.

While we began on January first of this year, I’ve kept it up for the last 300+ days, meaning that this concept is really #365DaysofGoddess or #GoddessEveryday!

The primary home page with longer videos, printable files, resources and links is here.

A very brief two minute introduction to November’s practice and a two minute mini ritual are also available for you. And, the November newsletter is here.

This month, I am working with the Sacred Traveler Oracle as well as with Womanrunes and the daily devotional companion deck and these cards are the focus of the two minute mini ritual video above.

Happy November!

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  1. I have enjoyed doing the 30 Days of Goddess so much it has been beneficial to me while ill and it has helped me deepen my spiritual practice and connection to the goddess. I would encourage anyone interested to give it a try. Especially with all the ways you provide to do a daily practice. While I don’t always post my progress or my pages I enjoy doing them and seeing what others are doing as well. It has truly become a daily goddess devotional practice for me, something I decided to continue in January when you first introduced this to us. I am truly grateful for this.

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