Facebook Ad Fraud Alert

On Friday, thanks to alert customers, it came to our attention that at least two scam websites are running fraudulent ads on Facebook claiming to sell our Green Witch Story Goddess. These ads are using photos and information directly stolen from our own etsy shop listing. (The photos are actually include my very own hand!) The information they are sharing is fake and should be reported to Facebook as often as you see the ad. In addition, they are also using photos stolen from our own customers to post fake product reviews in the comments section of the fraudulent ad!

Aside from a few wholesale customers that we regularly sell to in the UK to reduce international postage costs for our customers (Womancraft Publishing and Global Village Witch are the two main ones) and some special requests such as a small shop in the Netherlands that custom orders first moon goddesses from us and a customer in Canada who buys Womanrunes sets in bulk, there are no online retailers authorized to sell any of our goddesses. The Green Witch, just like all of our goddesses, is unique to our shop—designed, sculpted, molded, and made by us individually by hand in our home studio.

It has actually meant a lot to me to know that people care enough to notice these fake ads and tell me about them–I’ve had people reach out via instagram, Facebook, etsy, and by email to let me know, even people that I’ve never had contact with before and who are not existing customers. That helps me to remember how many really good and kind people there are in the world too!

The best thing to do when you see these fake ads is to click the three dots at the top of the post (and on their page itself) and report it to Facebook as a scam—choose “something else” at the bottom of the first report screen and then “fraud or scam” on the second screen. Everyone who sees it should report it as often as possible and hopefully this will eventually lead to the removal of the ad. (We have also filed additional online reports with as many places as we can, such as Paypal and Google.)

Thanks for caring! Our customers mean the world to us!

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  1. Noooooo! I haven’t seen the ads, but will totally report them when/if I do.

    So many hugs to you guys. This… sucks. A ton!

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