Upcoming events! (virtual)

I’m honored to be co-presenting a workshop at the (virtual) 2021 Parliament of World Religions this year!

Our session title is Embodying the Goddess: Creating Rituals with Body, Mind, and Spirit and I’m delighted to be presenting with Lucy Pearce of Womancraft Publishing, Dionne Ruff-Sloan of Goddess Teahouse, Caryn Moon of the Divine Feminine App, and Gina Martin of Triple Spiral of Dun na Sidhe.

Our workshop description is: What does it mean to be involved in a living, embodied, intensely personal experience of spirituality with Goddess and how do we extend that new-old living tradition outwards to others, trust our own authority, and create our own ceremonies?  Join longtime Goddess devotees, Karen, Gina, Dionne, Lucy & Molly as we create a ritual with you and open the door for you to access the power of ritual and ceremony while developing a living personal relationship with Goddess in your own life.  

There is a registration fee for the Parliament and an early bird rate through the end of August.

I’m also doing a reading at a book celebration event for the anthology Pagan, Goddess, Mother from Demeter Press, to which I contributed a chapter. This event is virtual as well and is free. Each of the contributors to the anthology will be doing a brief reading of their contribution.

Details to join are on the flyer (link to the Zoom is this).

Meeting ID: 981 9988 6944
Passcode: 102826

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