A Winter Solstice Blessing

A Winter Solstice Blessing

May you have a warm heart,
open hands,
a creative mind.
May you experience inspiration and brilliance,
clarity and focus.
May you laugh richly and deeply.
May you circle and celebrate,
may you change and grow
May that which is waiting to be unlocked
be freed.
And may you soar with the knowing
that you are carried by a great wind across the sky.

As we notice the changing seasons and honor the call of nature within our lives through ceremony, celebration, and song, we make visible the interconnected dance of life. We affirm our commitment, our relatedness, to each other and to the natural environment around us. We communicate with and are in relationship to that larger force of life and spirit that I know as Goddess. And, we bring our spiritual beliefs into our bodies, hands, minds, and hearts in an ever-spinning Wheel of celebration, attention, observation, enjoyment, and communion.

Some Winter Solstice gifts for you:

Our free Winter Magic Class also remains open until New Year’s Day. This class is a five week journey through the crystalline magic of the season, with an emphasis on self-care, simple ritual, and mindful engagement with the world around you.

And, we invite you to continue on a year-long journey into Everyday Magic and earth-based wisdom.

This upcoming class has a free registration option and a paid registration option.

The etsy shop is closed for holiday vacation until the second week of January and will then be open with limited inventory until February. (Custom orders will resume in mid-February.)


She speaks her truth.
She knows the wild within.
She is magic.

Happy Solstice!

Molly, Mark, + Family

*A Winter Solstice Blessing is by Molly, in her poetry book, Earthprayer. “Great wind” in poem is from an Ojibwa prayer.

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