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These articles and resources have all been shared within the last week in our Facebook Circle. I collated them here for people who may have missed them. Please note that not all of these will speak to your or to your interests and experiences, nor do they represent the overall perspectives/experiences of the group itself, since we are a diverse collection of people. Take what works for you and leave the rest! 🙂

  • I’m thrilled to have an essay on women and ritual in the upcoming issue of SageWoman magazine. While I have blogged for them for several october-2017-025years and I write reviews for them that have been published in the magazine, this is my first featured article there and I’m so excited about it! They commissioned an artist to do some drawings to accompany the article and it is cool for me to see the story I told then depicted in drawings through her eyes. 😊
  • My most recent essay at Feminism and Religion is about breastfeeding and weaning. I questioned whether it “counted” as a topic for a feminist blog and I realized that the fact that I would even ask myself that is exactly why it is a topic that does belong there.
  • When I was working on our Samhain kits, I listened to Sharon Knight/Thorn Coyle’s Songs for the Waning Year album over and over. While their Hecate chant is one of my favorites, the Queen of Heaven song really caught me this year. They periodically make this album available as a “pay what you can” sort of deal, so if you got it last year during that sale, fire it up! Good stuff! 😊

At the end of the week, I’m closing registration for the Red Tent Initiation program so that we can focus on our holiday products. I will not reopen it again until March, 2018.

So, if you have been meaning to sign up, now is your chance!

(Note: this will not affect current students who will continue to have access to everything they need, it is only new enrollments that are being shut down.)



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