Weekly Ritual: Ancestors

“I made soup tonight
and all my ancestors danced

in the pot, with the barley,
the beans, the knuckle and neck bones,
enriching this brew;
Here women joined
love and ancient wisdom, the knowledge
salt and pepper bring; secrets
that are ritual and legacy.”

—Elsa Garcia in Open Mind (Diane Mariechild)

Our ritual recording for this week is available here.october-2017-181

Note: when I made this recording, my paternal grandmother was in the dying process and I talk about that during this recording. If you would like to skip that part, stop it at 15:00 and restart it at 19:30. She then passed away a few days later, on October 17. I wrote a poem-post about this here.

In this ritual, I share a guided meditation/invocation and two poems about ancestors.

Our card for the week from Womanrunes was The Broom, rune of purification and cleansing. This rune can be a very practical and direct rune—i.e. what do you actually need to declutter and clean out of your physical living space—and it can also be more metaphorical, asking you to consider what old thought patterns or habits need to be unwound from your brain and cleared away. Either way, this card asks you to pick up your broom and go looking, prepared to sweep in all the corners. Don’t be afraid, you can clean it away and start from a place of freshness.

What are you “sweeping” out lately, whether physically, emotionally, or metaphorically?

May you clean out that which needs to be cleansed, let go of that which needs to be released, and be aware of the whispers of your ancestors on the wind.

And now, the rattle passes to you…

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