Circle Resources for Samhain

These articles and resources have all been shared within the last week in our Facebook Circle. I collated them here for people who may have missed them. Please note that not all of these will speak to your or to your interests and experiences, nor do they represent the overall perspectives/experiences of the group itself, since we are a diverse collection of people. Take what works for you and leave the rest! 🙂

From the Embodied Way Podcast, this powerful quote was shared:

“Reclaiming ‘witch’ cannot really be done without reclaiming women’s power in general. Witches . . . take pride in women’s power. They are not beholden, they are independent in their power. They don’t have to ask their father or their brother or their husband, or son what they should do. Witches are the power within themselves.

–Judika Illes

Reclaiming the Witch: Reinstating Women’s Power Through Rewriting the Myth of Witchcraft

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