Samhain Kits and Goddesses

We are pleased to announce our Samhain ritual kits and goddesses! The surprise Deepening Kit from last month was so popular that we created another surprise kit for October and it is better than ever! I’m super excited about it. We have enough supplies for 30 kits and even though we only posted about them quietly over the weekend, more than two thirds of them have been claimed already!

We also have our new Harvest Queen Story Goddess with our first ever bronze belt and accessories.

harvest-queenAnd, we have our Samhain goddess with a spiderweb and glittery orange sparkles.


Our other sculpts are available in our new “Hearthfire” pigment as well (a few more are still forthcoming, like the Harvest God and our pregnant goddess) and we have a black and orange Story God also.

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