Weekly Ritual: The Labyris

“Eat of my deep earth, september-2017-069
drink of my living streams, 
for I am your Mother. 
Your heart is my wild drum, 
your breath my eternal song.”

–Juliet Marillier, Cybele’s Secret

Please take a few moments to breathe and pause and call yourself in. Into this time and into this space. Into your body and your breath and the beat of your heart. You may wish to place one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly and hum gently to center yourself in this time and in space. And, with your next breath, extend your awareness to the other people joining this circle, in their times and their places, each connected in this web we weave together with each breath.

Our ritual recording for this week is available here.

As I note in the recording, I’m very preoccupied this week with preparing to go out of town for Gaea Goddess Gathering in Kansas. I will be vendingseptember-2017-123 and this requires a LOT of preparation and packing, so that is where most of my energy is this week, along with fulfilling outstanding orders (along these lines, please be understanding if it takes me extra time to reply to a class post or to an etsy conversation this week. When I am actually in Kansas we also have very limited cell reception, along with my energy being focused on actually being there!)

From Womanrunes this week, we received the Labyris. This is an active and dynamic rune that encourages you to act without apology and to choose without regret. It is a rune of making changes and of standing up for yourself. It is a decisive, strong, assertive rune. Where do you need to act? What choice is waiting for you? What change do you need to make? Lots more about this rune as well as two poems and some thealogical reflections about the five pathways/branches to goddess spirituality in this week’s recording.

May you have a beautiful, bountiful, blessed week as you make the choices and changes you need to make and as you feed your inner fire.

And now, dear Circle, the rattle passes to you…





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