Things We Do in the Red Tent: Joining Hands, Poetry, and Chakra Yoga

For our March Red Tent this year, we had a theme of International Women’s Day and shared a variety of experiences  together. I made sure to explain at the beginning that we were exploring these practices out of respect, curiosity, and acknowledgement of the many forms of women’s wisdom from around the world, not attempting to appropriate to claim specific expertise in any of them. I’m sharing my outline for this Red Tent below for you to choose from or share some of our practices with your own circle.

Cautionary tale: this was a lot of energy to run through one circle. I would use caution in using so many different energetic practices so close together again and I would split them up over the course of several month’s worth of circles instead. I felt very “buzzy” after circle (I often do and need to make sure to properly ground myself march-2017-069when I get back home) and also got a headache that lasted for several days afterward and my theory is that it was simply “too much” energetically for me to hold on all at once. (Could also be coincidence, of course, but it felt related!)

“I see the wise woman.
She carries a blanket of compassion. She wears a robe of wisdom.
Around her throat flutters a veil of shifting shapes.
From her shoulders, a mantle of power flows.
A story band encircles her forehead. march-2017-259
She stitches a quilt;
she spins fibers into yarn;
she knits; she sews; she weaves.
She ties the thread of our lives together.
She forms a web of spiraling threads.”

–Susun Weed (Healing Wise)

What does your inner wise woman want to say today?

*Simple version of the Chakra Yoga practice: mr_089

Root, red: pelvic rocks
Sacral, orange: pelvic circles
Solar Plexus, yellow: fingers to shoulder, twists.
Heart, green: arms in and out with thumbs up.
Throat, blue: head from side to side
Third Eye, purple/turquoise: on knees, forehead to ground
Crown, white/purple: savasana

To explore more of the sacred work of ceremony and ritual, I invite you to join our upcoming spring Goddess Magic Circle or a future session of Practical Priestessing or Red Tent Initiation. And, you are always welcome in the free Creative Spirit Circle!

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