Creative Spirit Circle: Full Moon Ritual

 “They say the moon is feminine. What will happen to me if I bathe myself in the creative feminine?”

–Michelle, in Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much

The author of this book, Anne Wilson Schaef, then goes on to muse:

If I bathe myself in moonlight, what miraculous and surprising images might emerge?


I suppose the real issue is not the magic of the moonlight, but whether I am willing to slow down enough to let any form of nature have an opportunity to bathe me…

How are you bathing in the creative feminine lately? Are you able to slow down enough to let any form of nature bathe you

Simple Full Moon Ritual


  • Candle
  • Symbol something(s) you are grateful for from the month (or the year) or work that you would like to bless or appreciate
  • Simple altar (if desired)
  • Paper and pen to write with
  • Optional: bowl of water or sage for smudging/cleansing
  • Optional: drum

Ritual Outline:

  • Sing: I Am Fire for invocation, turning in each direction
  • Optional: recite Charge of the Goddess
  • Write a gratitude list (optional: leave outside under a special jar of water to charge up under the moonlight and then drink the next morning in appreciation. Thanks to Rooted Rhythms for the neat idea! )
  • Sing (and dance!): Dance in a Circle of Moonlight
  • Say a blessing. You can make this up intuitively and if you are with other people they can add their own lines or repeat each line after you. For example: May we celebrate each other’s successes. May we communicate with love and compassion. May we see and hear each other. May we work together in harmony. May love be at the center of our choices.
  • Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly again. I often close with this prayer: “may goddess bless and keep us, may wisdom dwell within us, may we create peace.”
  • Optional: Moonbathe and drum!

Lyrics for Songs:

I am fire,
I am Fire.
I am burning like the fire, like the fire, november-2016-017
I am burning like the fire.

I am air,
I am Air.
I am clear like the air, like the air,
I am clear like the air.

I am earth,
I am Earth.
I am solid like the Earth, like the Earth,
I am solid like the Earth.

I am water,
I am Water.
I am flowing like the water, like the water, march-2017-071
I am flowing like the water.

(From the Women’s Drumming Circle CD As the River We Flow)

Dance in a Circle of Moonlight
Make a web of my life
Hold me as I spiral and spin
Make a web of my life

(modified from Marie Summerwood’s chant, Dance in a Circle of Women)16002813-10211852519138405-2403537929697806910-n

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To explore more of the sacred work of ceremony and ritual, I invite you to join our upcoming spring Goddess Magic Circle or a future session of Practical Priestessing or Red Tent Initiation. And, you are always welcome in the free Creative Spirit Circle!





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