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I’ve posted several times recently about our upcoming big classes and also about our free classes, but have neglected to make any mention of our “middle” classes! Since Practical Priestessing and Red Tent Initiation are both coming up soon and require a lot of my energy and focus, some of the low-priced, self-study classes will be closing for a while and Voices from the Red Tent and Goddess Studies and Ritual have both been closed until May.

Currently available are:

  • Womanrunes Immersion: this self-study class comes with the book and card set and is $45 (if you already have the book you can also sign up using the code “bookpurchase” and the class is only $23 for a 41 day study).
  • Pink Tent Rising: this class is the first class in the world that is about Pink Tents, sacred circles for mothers and daughters. It is $45 and includes lots of resources, including several audio recordings, a journal, and a pdf handbook.
  • Moondalas & Moonwheels: this self-guided class is all about one of my favorite personal practices–moonwheel-keeping. It includes a bundle of templates and lots of ideas. It is half price if you use the code “moonwheel” and is only $10.
  • Trinket Oracle: this is a fun how-to class about developing your own personal oracle system using charms, stones, and little odds and ends from around your house. It is only $20, includes a workbook and casting grids, and what you create is unique to you.
  • Goddess Magic Circle: this is not really a class, but is rather an experiential circle. If you enjoy the Creative Spirit Circle group, this is more of an “inner circle,” experience. Intimate, small, lots of content, and many opportunities for experiencing everyday magic and developing your personal practices.

And, remember that new content is added every week to our free Creative Spirit Circle companion classroom.



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