New Class: Earthprayer

This two week course is designed to offer you a gently nourishing daily “sacred pause.” In this course, you will take a gentle, daily moment to simply receive. There is nothing to do, but enjoy and take a minute to connect with yourself and with the Earth. There are two registration options. march-2017-020The paid option includes an autographed copy of the Earthprayer book, a tree pendant, a handmade mini goddess, and a small surprise in the mail. If you would like to take this class for free without the mailed package, enter code “freeclass” at checkout. Please note that the free class option does not include any of the mailed items.


  • Daily inspirational quotes and food for thought
  • Photos
  • Optional journal and photo prompts
  • Printable journal pages
  • Healing the Waters ritual kit
  • A tree of life medallion pendant, a handmade mini goddess, and a signed copy of the Earthprayer book mailed right to you (free shipping too!)
  • Creative Spirit Circle membership + Brigid’s Grove online journal subscription.

Register at Mystery School (transitioning to Seeking Bliss) here: Earthprayer.


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