Awakening Fierce Magic

“Always special, precious, particular december-2016-016
each sunrise, each breath
each dip and wane, wax of the moon
cloud held or star clear.
We are all at each moment

edgewalkers truly…”

 –marna (in We’Moon on the Wall)

This is one of my favorite recent photos because I love how their Word of the Year charms make a sentence/tell a story. This is my wish for the Circle as a whole as we prepare to greet a new year: May we awaken fierce magic. 

We have been honored to create so many things for so many of you over the last year and look forward to making more in 2017! The shop is now closed until the second week of January. Do join us for the Worldwide Winter Solstice Circle on December 19th and in the free Creative Spirit Circle companion classroom.

Rebecca Wright is a lovely healing woman in the UK. She has a free meditation about finding your 2017 word of power. I think you might enjoy it!

And, Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle have a “name your price” sale going for their album Songs for the Waning Year.


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