Moonwater Musings

“They say the moon is feminine. What will happen to me if I bathe myself in the creative feminine?”

–Michelle, in Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much

The author of this book, Anne Wilson Schaef, then goes on to muse:

“If I bathe myself in moonlight, what miraculous and surprising images might emerge?


I suppose the real issue is not the magic of the moonlight, but whether I am willing to slow down enough to let any form of nature have an opportunity to bathe me…”

How are you bathing in the creative feminine lately? Are you able to slow down enough to let any form of nature bathe you?

I’ve been a bit on the frazzled and overwhelmed side lately. Holiday order fulfillment coupled with making plans for fun holiday events, occasions, and special treats, as well as the end of my final session teaching college and the associated end of term grading, along with planning and facilitating various events, as well as getting ready to go out of town for a significant length of time, is quite simply, a lot. I’ve still made space for a 15419802_10154902601977566_7814931082833787443_obit of bathing though. Last night, we held a simple family full moon ritual by the spring on my family’s new river land. There were lots of snags with it, primarily that our youngest (2 years old) got cold and overwhelmed and cried a lot and we had to cut short what I’d planned to do. I always joke when talking about multi-age rituals that you should take your original plan and then cut it in half. Then, cut it in half again and only then might you actually have the right length of ritual to involve kids! I need to take my own advice!  However, when we got home, we had a really fun and special time choosing crystals to put into the spring water we’d collected to make crystal infused, sacred space, moon water blends.

I went out in the freezing cold to leave my special water on the porch of the tiny temple in the moonlight and I dropped my phone and broke it permanently. Ugh! Then, the cats investigated my magical moonworkings and knocked down my rose quartz hearts off of the moon water jars and I have yet to find them. I lifted my arms to the sky and recited the Charge of the Goddess anyway! However, this is the kind of week I’ve been having over here. Wow.

One last reminder that our final order day this month is tomorrow, Dec. 15th. The shop will reopen with limited inventory the second week of January and then with full inventory in early February. And, don’t forget the free Creative Spirit Circle online companion classroom is open and full of resources as we prepare for a free Worldwide Winter Solstice Circle on Dec 19th.

Blessings of the creative, the magical, and the wise to you all. May you still take the time to moonbathe, even when things are falling down around your ears!

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  1. Especially when things are falling down around your ears!!! <3 I can relate, Molly, I think we all have days like this. Love the image of you saying the Charge of the Goddess despite the broken phone and other mishaps. <3

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