New Class! Working with Moondalas & Moonwheels

This class will teach you how to use circular moon calendars, also called Moondalas, Moonwheels, or Moondials as a tool for daily inspiration, monthly wisdom, personal guidance, charting, emotional well-being, divination, and more.

Applicable to Maidens, Mothers, Priestesses, Queens, Amazons, and Crones, you will find the Moondala-keeping process to be one that is enriching, meaningful, fulfilling, inspirational, and illuminating, all in one simple tool!

In this class you will: moonwheel-no-moons-all-circles

  • Learn how to use a Moonwheel on a daily basis
  • Develop personal symbols to use on your Moonwheels
  • Understand how to show other women how to use circular moon calendars for self-understanding and personal growth
  • Use the Moonwheel as a tool for understanding your personal cycles, whether you are a menstruating person or not
  • Incorporate daily divination into your charting
  • Recognize your own physical and emotional harmony with the lunar cycle
  • Receive a handout packet to use with others as well as multiple formats of printable Moondala

If you are a Red Tent facilitator or women’s circle leader, you will love this class!

Register here.

Through December, you can get the class for 50% by using code “moonwheel” at registration.



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