You’re invited to a Worldwide Winter Solstice Circle!

“ringed in shadows soft, dancing, november-2016-004
we have found those sounds
which call honey to the heart.
healed by the fingertip prayers of our sisters,
with drum and rattle, belly and voice,
we sway and spiral, heal and rejoice
in the sweet, sweet mystery…”

–Nell Aurelia in 2016 We’Moon on the Wall

We’ve set up the beginnings of our Creative Spirit Circle companion classroom at Mystery School of the Goddess. This will allow us to collect/gather all of our resources, announcements, and activities into ONE place in which you can interact, download handouts, share discussions, and return to older materials over and over again (instead of losing them in the depths of Facebook or email!).

The new classroom will kick off with a very special Worldwide Winter Solstice Circle event on Dec. 19 and you’re invited! The classroom will open the week before to allow people to get ready and we have a ritual packet, gifts, and goodies galore to share with you there. The Circle includes projects, journal prompts, a detailed ritual packet, and a collection of inspiring digital gifts. I am also welcoming contributions from Circle members for the Solstice event and there is a thread in the Facebook group about it too.

Come join the Circle!

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