Classes: Openings, Closings, and Availability

You may have seen my Facebook posts about Ornament Season, but I’m not kidding! It gets really busy for us in Nov-Dec and we’ve been planning ahead since August! In keeping with this preparation, we have some changes to announce in class availability, both in free courses and paid courses:


  • Intro to Womanrunes (free) will remain open throughout the year.
  • Womanspirit Wisdom (free) will close on October 31 and will not be back. I’m revising/repackaging it into a Women’s Circles & Red Tents october-2016-002starter course, which will then be launched in Feb. Last chance to take it in its current form here!
  • How to Create a Calamoondala (free) begins in November and will be available through January.
  • New Trinket Oracle class ($20) opens in November.
  • The Self-Study Womanrunes Immersion (paid) will close on October 31 (not for students currently enrolled in it–you’ll still have access!) and will re-open in December. 
  • Earthprayer (paid and free versions) will close on October 31 and will not re-open until the Spring Equinox when I will run it again as a live course.
  • Introduction to Goddess Studies and Ritual (free) is currently closed and will reopen in February.
  • Pink Tent Rising (paid) will remain open throughout the season (more people need to take this class! It is awesome and packed with info!).
  • Registration for the Fall Goddess Magic Circle has already closed, but I’ve opened registration for the Spring Session and you can get a $15 early bird discount with the code “earlybird” on it.
  • The next sections of Red Tent Initiation and Practical Priestessing (both paid) are scheduled to begin on the spring equinox.
I also plan to open a free companion Creative Spirit Circle classroom in December (along with a “Worldwide Solstice Circle” mini class offering/ritual kit) in which all of our posts and information from our Facebook group can be available on an ongoing basis instead of swirled away into the depths of Facebook after only a few people have a chance to see them. 🙂

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