Supporting Women’s Circles Around the World

“Containers of emergence.  We love this image.  Like a nest with fledglings at once hesitantly and boldly poking their heads out and venturing forth, women’s circles provide a safe place where each person can begin trying her wings.  In this time of heavy work and home demands, financial pressures, media blasting, and violence, women need a place just to be and become.”

Sacred Circles by Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig

We are pleased to be a sponsor for the expansion of a beautiful offering of service, connecting women in sacred circles all over the world. The Divine Feminine App ( is designed for women to list circles, find circles, and connect with one another. The founder, Karen Moon, is fundraising to expand the capabilities, professional design, and functionality of the app for its second edition. The app itself is free to use, search, and list events. With the expanded version, you will be able to add your own profile and access additional benefits. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of being part of the worldwide movement!

Brigid’s Grove is providing Story Goddess sculptures as one of the supporter perks for this campaign. Contribute here or check out the additional august-2016-126details below and then make your pledge! 🙂

“We will blend both the social and cultural work with what brings us alive and united such as ceremony, Shadow Work, breathwork, drumming, singing, speaking, poetry, dance, Red Tents, circles, etc.”

ALisa Starkweather, original Found-Her of the Red Tent Temple Movement

Rise Up, Women.  And do it in a Women’s Circle!

The Divine Feminine App is a computer/mobile app to help women find Circles and other Divine Feminine Events located nearby as well as virtual/online. (Please note: currently, the computer app is accessible worldwide and the mobile app is available for iPhone and Android users in the USA. This campaign will make the smartphone app available worldwide.)

Until now, women have been quietly connecting in this way, but The Divine Feminine App is a way that women can connect and propel this movement using the Magic of the internet, while respecting your privacy.  (You will not see a google ad related to the Women’s Circle that you just searched.  Making profiles public will remain an option.)

In March of 2016, Version One of The DF App was released as a means to find Women’s Circles and other Divine Feminine Events in the USA within 100 miles of you or virtual/online.  You can see information and access the App at

To contribute to the development of Version Two, click here!


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