Guest Post: Channeling Your Inner Artemis by Jen Howell

Saturn Direct in Sagittarius: Channeling Your Inner Artemis

If you’ve been feeling as though progress toward goals has been moving oh-so-slowly this summer, take heart: things are about to start clicking into motion for us all more easily in the coming weeks. Saturn, the planetary teacher that helps us gain a mastery of manifesting in the physical world, began the slow crawl toward forward motion in Sagittarius on August 12, 2016. This turn of the tide can help us build better lives from the bottom up, and the wild archer goddess Artemis can be a source of strength, confidence, and inspiration as we move into uncharted territory.

But first, an exploration of the factors at play behind this pivotal turning point is in order.

Saturn-Neptune Square: Fusing the Feminine and Masculine for Powerful Manifestation

This summer has brought a flood of confusion for many due to challenging planetary alignments in the Mutable Signs of Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Uncertainty, fear, and at times chaos have taken the place of safe and familiar circumstances, leaving us with the crumbling foundations of a former life in our hands.

This is largely due to an ongoing square between Saturn and Neptune in Pisces that began in 2015, a tense alignment between planets that emanate very different energies.

Saturn’s associations include:

  • Structure
  • Self-discipline13690894_1766867466858801_5790799979717522535_o
  • Observation of time and schedules
  • Quantifiable results
  • Logic
  • Fear
  • Endings/beginnings of cycles

Neptune, on the other hand, represents:

  • Dreams
  • Illusions
  • Imagination
  • Idealism
  • Otherworldly connections
  • Love that knows no bounds
  • The ability to commune with Life Force Energy beyond physical illusions of separation and constraints

The Saturn-Neptune square has pushed us toward learn lessons in adaptability, faith, and using intuition to feel into our next best steps when the path is unclear. We’ve been called to integrate the feminine qualities of love, intuition, and flexible creative approaches more fully with masculine traits of logic, forethought, and self-discipline. The old is being washed out from beneath us, clearing the way for a much better future to emerge.

But patiently allowing change to unfold can be challenging, and much of 2016 has been a time of waiting and contemplation. This is partly due to Saturn having been in retrograde since March 25, calling us to:

  • Embrace a sense of inaction as we observe shifts in the inner landscape of our desires – shifts that allow us to reshape our wishes and update action plans
  • Use intuitive guidance to dissolve blocks that stand in our way; plan future moves for resolving blocks that are not ready to be moved yet
  • Take stock of the journey ahead – whether it be metaphorical or literal journeys – and revisit necessary changes that can help make those sojourns a reality

But that time of waiting is over. Though the Saturn-Neptune square will be exact one last time on September 10, a greater sense of forward momentum can carry us through the last of these challenges. Saturn direct in Sagittarius calls us to bravely step forward in making big things happen. And for feminine guidance and support in these moments of digging in to manifest the new, look no further than the goddess Artemis.

Enter Artemis: Channeling the Archer-Goddess for Strength and Success

Fierce. Independent. Wild. Decisive. Protective. Courageous. Huntress. Artemis, armed with bow and arrow, with skills and instincts and courage, moves stealthily through the wilderness. She knows these uncharted lands intimately, having come of age on her own in this untamed world. Artemis fears not the dark nor the nameless sounds that haunt the night, for she melds strength and courage with otherworldly guidance to June 2016 017experience illumination and ensure her safety.

She is at one with the primal world that cannot be tamed, drawing on the wisdom of timeless forest beings who speak in a language that transcends words. She sees the sacredness in all things and possesses an innate understanding of the larger cycles of life and death, and the lessons contained therein.

Artemis knows what is required for survival here – and sometimes that requires a death of the old and setting one’s sights on a brave new beginning.

She lies in wait until the target she seeks is within range. Artemis sets her eye on the prize, then lets loose her fearsome arrow. A rush of air, a raven’s call careens through anxious silence…then a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

Artemis has once again succeeded in achieving her objectives. To those who know her, this is no surprise. Though Artemis is commonly associated with the Moon and Cancer, she can also be experienced as an aspect of the female embodiment of Sagittarius – unchained, filled with faith, ever attuned to a higher awareness that flows through her very lifeblood. The ability she possesses to track down her desires with unwavering passion and magical synchronicities is second to none.

Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

With Saturn direct in Sagittarius until April 2017, we embark on a time of combining our aspirations with intelligent planning and forethought. Connecting with the energies of Artemis can help us learn tough Saturn lessons, setting us free to actualize our potential beyond our wildest imaginings. She is by our side during these times of intense creation if we invite her in, giving us the gift of her grit and determination. She can guide us in listening to instincts and intuition, aiding us as we step into a place of confidence, decisiveness, and surety.”

Artemis bends to no will except her own and that of the natural world. If you’re feeling as though you could use a boost in stepping into your Goddess-given authority and free will, let Artemis fill you with her fire.

And let us not forget that Artemis is also a patron of childbirth – a powerful association illustrating that she can assist us in giving birth to the new in our lives both literally and metaphorically.

Artemis can help us lock eyes on our target, no matter how far away the realization of our dreams may seem…and when the moment is right, she’ll guide us in letting our arrows of Truth and Action fly with gusto.

Connecting with Artemis

Some ideas for connecting with Artemis might be:

  • Make an altar for Artemis, or dedicate space on an existing altar to her. Colors associated with Artemis are silver (moon association) and green (forest color), while essential oils such as Patchouli, Basil, Bergamot, or forest scents like Pine can also help you attune to her vibration. Include elements of the natural world as you feel called – anything that puts you in touch with the wilds of Mother Earth such as rocks, leaves, pine needles, images, or other elements. Leather, Amethyst, and Dendritic Quartz are possible altar additions that are associated with this goddess.
  • Make a bow and arrow and decorate it any way you wish. Write intentions on paper or fabric of your choice to hang from the bow. This can act as a reminder of your ability to hold fast to your desires and pursue goals with courage, confidence, and diligence. Display your bow and arrow in a sacred place, or wherever you are most in need a reminder of your own ability to manifest magic and success. Click here for a starter project that could be adapted, or browse a site like Pinterest for ideas of your own.
  • Walk in the woods or embark on another outdoor adventure, calling on the spirit of Artemis to assist you in connecting more deeply with the natural world and your own instinctual knowing. An outdoor ritual, ceremony, or meditation can be a powerful way to commune with Artemis.
  • Create any other ritual or practice to connect with Artemis that feels right to you. As a start, click here for a simple, Pagan-based Artemis ritual and celebration.

May your new beginnings be blessed, and may all your dreams be born into life!

Have you connected with the spirit of Artemis? Do you have rituals or practices that help you commune with her energies?

Jen Howell is an astrologer, energetic healer, intuitive medium, freelance editor, and musician with an ever-growing affinity for the goddess traditions. She has been embarking on her own rewilding with great passion, spending as much time in the woodlands of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as she possibly can. Jen looks forward to sharing original goddess and nature-inspired music with the world as her journey as holistic healer, artist, and evolving priestess unfolds. You can visit her website at or contact her at

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