Do you hear the divine hum…the Priestess calling from deep within your bones?

Women choosing to walk the path of the priestess have answered a deep inner calling. Hearing within and resonating passionately to the ancient call of the Great Mother, a time came when each heart knew with absolute certainty… yes, this is it… Hers is the work I am to do…the very reason I’ve incarnated at this time! For me personally, the actual word “priestess” whenever spoken created an ecstatic internal hum, a familiar vibration that was/is one of pure bliss…

–Sharon Fallon Shreve

Divine hum. Sacred roar. Ancient chime. Drumbeat of your heart, tuned to the core of the planet. Watchful eyes. Sacred words. Hopeful spirit. Welcoming arms. Joyful hands. Energetic enthusiasm…

I identify deeply with the notion of the “hum” we hear as our hearts connect with the Priestess and her responsibilities. A Priestess is a channel for this divine hum, this sacred responsibility, this calling, this purpose, this craft. In the priestess anthology, Voices of the Goddess edited by Caitlin Matthews, Naomi Ozaniec explains:

“…the priestess opens a channel within herself that enables a power to flow through her and out into the assembly. The priestess is fully 13914143_1769138913298323_6435316094972670733_oconscious of herself, of the power entering and later departing and of the surroundings, and there is no loss of consciousness, even if the priestess speaks as a channel. I can best describe the whole process as a moment of transfiguration—the priestess becomes a ‘garment of Isis’ and she may seem to alter very subtly in appearance and can seem to be suffused with a radiating energy. It is perhaps this personal contact with energies of a very high vibration that gives a functioning priestess an extraordinary quality of validity…I became involved in ritual workings for the first time and once again this seemed like the most natural things in the world. Ritual work cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. It is an extraordinary meeting place of trained minds, heightened sensitivities and patterns of force. Each ritual creates its own ripples, sometimes even shock waves, as inner plane dynamics emanate into the outer world.”

Do you hear the Divine Hum? How have you been called to this work? How do you know it is for you?

  • If you feel the Divine Hum within your bones…
  • If you thrive in a small group setting with lots of interaction, feedback, and personal communication…
  • If you want real supplies and start-up materials and not just a collection of pdfs. These resources connect you to me and to the other January 2016 014women around the world who have taken this training AND they also provide you with a starter kit of supplies and resources to use directly in your own Circles.
  • If you want ongoing support, access to new resources and materials, and idea-sharing…

And, if you’re willing to explore not just the powerful transformation and exhilaration present in doing face-to-face priestessing, but also wrestle with the messiness, shadows, and complexities of real-life, face to face work with a women’s circle…

I invite you to join me in our intensive Practical Priestessing course beginning in April.

Why work with me?

I am someone who is really doing this. I have devoted more than six years of academic study to vocational priestessing (and written a dissertation on the subject!) as well as more than ten years of practical service, trial and error, risk and reward, triumph and self-doubt, and I continue to work and to try again when I stumble…

I am real. I’m not sweeping through the streets of an exotic vacation destination with high heels and perfect hair, promising you wealth and freedom. Nor am I rolling around in the floor in a pile of rose petals (though that could be fun!). I will not be or promise perfect nor will I provide you with a glamorized, screenplay version of what it means to engage in modern priestessing within a community. I am sometimes frazzled and overwhelmed and intense and distracted, but I am always wholehearted and enthusiastic and I have been described as, “living life with more intention than anyone I’ve ever met.” When I say real,  I mean I am flawed, human, and in the mother stage of life (four kids ranging from 1-12). I’m not super Zen and I am rarely described as “mellow” or “calm.” What I am is experienced, practical, a great organizer, and a skilled teacher and facilitator. And, I believe deeply in the life-changing value of this work.

When I say “practical priestessing,” I mean that I recognize that sometimes babies have poopy diapers, people make fart jokes, people laugh at MollyNov 085the “wrong” times, carefully planned meditations can end up being awkward, and sometimes, just sometimes, the altar catches on fire. At the same time, I am absolutely confident that the model of women’s circle work that I have developed and share within both trainings can be successfully used across the country (and, indeed, around the world) to create a nurturing, powerful, empowering Circle experience, whether you live in the central Midwest, as I do, on either coast, or in Wales, Canada, or France.

I can’t promise these trainings will make you fearless. I can promise that they will help you walk within the fear to do it anyway!

I won’t promise it will always be magical. I won’t pretend that I have all the answers or have it all figured out. I will promise that it will be worth it.

I know of no other trainings that are so thorough, so focused, so comprehensive, and so rooted in genuine practice and practical, applicable skills and techniques. I am proud to offer them to you and I hope you will accept my invitation.

Are you ready to gather the women? It is time to rise. To circle in ceremony, sisterhood, and song…IMG_3018





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