Womanrunes Companions: Workbook & Journal

January 2016 055This month we created two companions to the Womanrunes book. If you are looking for a daily journal companion for your rune explorations, we now have the Womanrunes Companion Journal. The companion journal has 365 pages for a full year of working with the runes in your daily life. This journal includes lined pages for a full year of journal exploration with Womanrunes. Pages are all the same with blank sections to fill in with your own experiences, thoughts, wisdom, and guidance. Sized in 6×9 format, the journal is intended to be portable, while still having enough room for lots of insight.

(*Please note that print quality with the journal has been somewhat erratic so far, with some copies not showing background goddess image on all pages. If you get a copy that only has background goddesses on half the pages, please notify Amazon.)

If you are looking for a self-guided, self-paced, intensive rune study, the new Womanrunes Workbook is for you! This workbook contains exploration pages for each individual rune, as well as worksheets with many different layouts. It also includes an outline for a new moon ritual and full moon ritual that incorporate Womanrunes. With this book, you also get access to the printable version online, so that if you would like to print additional worksheets or journal pages, you may easily do so. Generously sized at 8.5 x 11 to give you plenty of room for your work!


If I already took the Womanrunes Immersion course, do I need the workbook?

The Workbook was actually specifically created due to requests from Immersion participants for a bound copy of the journal pages we use in the course!

If I buy the workbook, is that the same thing as taking the Immersion course?

The workbook will take you through a self-guided rune study and will help immerse you in using the runes in your work and life. And, the individual rune journal pages are the same. However, the course includes additional prompts and experiences as well as live interaction, feedback, and shared exploration of the runes within a group atmosphere.

Couldn’t I just create and print my own journal pages?

Yes, you could, but this is actually a nicely affordable way to get a whole collection of pages with a nice cover for under $15! Many people choose to explore Womanrunes using their own blank journals, but if you’d like more of a container and structure for your exploration, you will love either of these books! And, the price is very similar to purchasing a new blank journal. 🙂

Where can I get these?

We have a very limited quantity of them bundled together in our etsy shop at a small discount. They are also available for quick shipping worldwide directly from Amazon.



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