Womanrunes and Women’s Circles

There are lots of special ways to bring the womanspirit wisdom of Womanrunes in your Women’s Circle or Red Tent! Here are some possibilities:

  • Have the Womanrunes deck and book available in a divination or intuition corner. This nook should be a reflective space for inner guidance.
  • Lay out the cards and book on a table close to the entrance of the red tent space. As women enter, they can draw a card to receive a personal check-in with their deep selves.
  • As the circle begins, the cards may be passed around the circle as a basic guidance or intuition check or as a centering process. Women may share their reflections or observations or journal about the message.
  • Likewise, Womanrunes may be used to “check-out” once the circle is drawing to a close. Before singing your final song or doing your closing reading, each woman can draw a card and read the interpretation as her message or guidance for her return home.
  • If you included meditations, guided visualizations, or discussion prompts in your circle, Womanrunes may be used before or after journaling about these experiences.

Using Womanrunes on Red Tent Projects:

  • Make prayer flags—either drawing on the symbols using permanent markers or stitching or embroidering them on.
  • Make single flags with certain runes (either intentionally chosen or intuitively chosen).
  • Make personal sets of Womanrunes for use at home using any of the methods described earlier in the class.
  • Make goddess greeting cards with written greetings, blessings, or wishes
  • Create runespells by combining symbols. For example, willpower.
  • Write your name or a word of power using the pronunciation guide handout included earlier in this class.
  • Create a pocket totem or a reminder stone with polymer clay or pottery clay. On this totem, you can include the Womanrunes you’d like to attract, manifest, or embody. Or, you can write your name or other word. You may also intuitively select which symbols to include.
  • Draw Womanrunes on your body—I learned from one of my Womanrunes Immersion students to use liquid eyeliner to ink the symbol of the day (drawn in the morning as a centering or guidance practice) on the inside of the wrist or ankle. This symbol then serves as a mindfulness or guidance cue throughout day. The process of inking the symbols on your skin is a beautifully embodied, physical practice that makes a visceral connection to Womanrunes. You are literally drawing them into you.
  • Paint Womanrunes on yourself or in group with other women using body paint—this can be done for empowerment, affirmation, encouragement, healing, blessing, or fun.

Print and use any of these Womanrunes worksheets with either Womanrunes cards, or any other of your favorite card systems:

To keep exploring…

Limited scholarship copies of the Womanrunes book are available for established or beginning Red Tents around the world. Email to request an application.

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