New Moon Wisdom: Ritual + Womanrunes Layout

IMG_9220Ahhh, take a deep, cleansing breath. It is the new moon again. This is a time of new beginnings as well as a time for evaluation, reflection, and intention setting. We offer a new moon ritual outline for you here: Creative Ceremony Academy: New Moon Ritual – Brigid’s Grove

I walk the crescent moon
Plant the seeds and wait to bloom.

I dance the crescent moon
Change is coming, making room.

I sing the crescent moon
Weave intention with her loom.

I developed this New Moon layout to use with Womanrunes or any other cards. Feel free to give it a try!

November 2015 005For this layout, three cards are used:

  1. Planting: What seeds are you planting? What are you incubating or preparing to grow?
  2. Making room: What is changing? How are you making room?
  3. Weaving: What is working through you? What is your intention or focus point?FullSizeRender_1

Remember you can sign up for a free Womanrunes course here: Introduction to Womanrunes

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