New Class! Inner Maiden Workshop

Nymph woman in a magical forestDo you want to take a journey into a deeper understanding of yourself? Do you wish to unlock insight and understanding? Do you wish to heal, honor, or celebrate your inner maiden? This powerful mini-course is designed to take you on a journey to meet your Inner Maiden, to hold a ceremony of initiation for yourself, and to emerge restored, empowered, confident, and strong.

Your Maiden wants to be heard. Her story needs to be told. You can offer to yourself that which you’ve been seeking. Celebration, ceremony, and song.

This 3 week course will connect you to your inner maiden through meditation and reflective journaling and guide you in creating a powerful personal ceremony.

You will be supported by Molly as you take this journey as she creates the sacred “container” for your experience to unfold. It can be as private and personal as experience as you wish, or you can have virtual feedback, guidance, and support from Molly as you work. This course is self-paced, which means you can enroll and begin at any time.

We will weave a sacred experience together.

In this class you will experience:

  • a powerful personal ceremony
  • Inner Maiden meditation
  • discussion questions
  • journaling exercises
  • special projects

This class includes two amazing bonuses!

  • Moon Goddess Blessing Bundle mailed right to you! This bundle will help give you a tangible, physical connection to the work of the course and beautiful keepsakes to acknowledge your process.
  • $40 discount on registration for the complete Red Tent Initiation program offered online in March (this course is both powerful, personal experience AND a training in facilitating transformative women’s circles). YES! That’s like getting this course for FREE!

What would the world be like if each girl was welcomed into womanhood with ceremony, song, sisterhood, and celebration? The Maiden Ceremony initiation experience in this class is designed to offer your inner maiden that experience now–the experience we wish every girl could have.

Register on the Mystery School of the Goddess site.

or via Paypal directly via the button below.

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