This Week at Brigid’s Grove: Memories and Celebrations

We step out into the spacious expanse of shared possibility. We don’t often sell our little mamapriestess pendant, but I love her anyway. She represents both the mother-child relationship and the mother’s ability to do her own work in the companionship of her child.


Created a nature mandala in response to the prompt “A symbol of the Crone.” from 30 Days of Hecate.


On the morning of the first day of our Divination Practicum, I saw the #30daysofhecate prompt was “flaming torches,” I thought: “what if I get The Flame today when I do my Womanrunes pull? Wouldn’t that be cool?” In the afternoon, I did a little ceremony to begin the course and what did I draw…The Flame! I love cosmic winks. Synchronicity.


We love fan photos! My SIL/friend went for a rainy autumn walk this week and took some of our sculptures along with her. I love this photo of our little (discontinued) drummer goddess calling in the waters…It also makes me think of doing a photo contest and making a free mini-book about their adventures around the world! (This is still a tentative/hazy idea, but feel free to contribute!)


A colorful package of spiral goddesses headed to Australia this week to be a part of a ceremony for maidens.


“My beloved dead.” #30daysofhecate My heart feels full and appreciative right now. After a lot of thoughtful effort from my mom and aunt to pack them up for me and then a cross-country drive by my uncle driving them here from California, I now have my grandma’s collection of international dolls from her many travels. I didn’t expect to have these and I feel very thankful for the thoughtfulness and love that went into getting them to me.


The wheel turns. Our youngest son turned ONE on Friday. His pregnancy and birth was so closely aligned with the wheel of the year and my pregnancy with him was an incredibly generative time for our business (I wrote and published the Womanrunes book as well as sculpted more than twenty of our sculpture/pendant designs while pregnant with him!) I can hardly believe he is one now!


Our Great Pumpkin Goddess giveaway is complete. Each of these goddesses in various shades of autumn is on our shipping counter awaiting packaging and her journey to her new home!


On Halloween, I was laughing at myself because I felt like Wal-Mart, getting out Christmas props right in the middle of Halloween!


A few last October roses still bless the day.


The kids went to a Trunk or Treat on Friday night, so on Saturday we stayed home, drank hot cider, listened to a “deep autumn” meditation together, drew guidance cards from The Gaian Tarot, and then all worked on a charm cord project from my sacred year class.


Breastfeeding mother goddess ornaments are here! Other designs also available. Limited edition. Nov 1-Dec 1 only!

October 2015 115October 2015 146

An ancestor offering. I made soul cakes with my kids on Sunday. On one, I included the Moonboat: rune of journeys (Womanrunes) and took it out to leave under my grandma’s memorial hydrangea bush.


This week, we honor the 1 in 6 couples who experience infertility. We have a series of profile pictures available on our blog ( that you are welcome to use on your social media to help raise awareness this week.


Was inspired to create a new little Hecate-themed blessing bundle through my participation in #30daysofhecate as well as that sensation of drawing inward as we move into the waning part of the year.


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