National Fertility Awareness Week (#1in6)


IMG_8773Brigid’s Grove is based in the U.S., but many of our customers are from the U.K. Our virtual assistant, Awen, also lives in the U.K. and she gave me the heads-up that November 2-8th is National Fertility Awareness Week. One in six couples has difficulty conceiving and this awareness week is designed to lend support, information, and assistance to those whose lives are touched by challenges with fertility. We made some little images acknowledging the 1 in 6 and you are welcome to use them on your own Facebook page or blog.


You might also be interested in this past guest post about infertility and doulas:

In my experience, natural birth communities tend to do an excellent job supporting mothers who have experienced miscarriages, but are less certain about the role of would-be mothers who can’t conceive. It’s not that we don’t welcome them, especially if they are midwives and doulas, but we assume that they have another place to go: there are a significant number of infertility support groups in the world that even have their own lingo!


Guest Post: Infertility Doula | Talk Birth


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