Holiday Shipping Timeline

October 2015 193Christmas ornaments will be available for order again beginning on Wednesday night!

❤ We joyfully welcome the holiday season and are excited to create beautiful goddess and birth art as special gifts for you and your loved ones this year! Our limited edition holiday ornaments are available only until December 1. ❤

Ornaments and sculptures are each finished to order when you order and demand is high, so please expect up to a week before shipping.

Holiday shipping timeline: We ship from Missouri in the United States. For the best chance for your packages to arrive in time for Christmas, make sure to place your order by December 11th if you are in the US and by December 4th if you live outside the US. We cannot absolutely promise a specific delivery day, since it is in the hands of the postal service once it leaves our hands, but we will do our best to ship items within five days of order dates. Orders placed after December 20th will not ship until after December 25th, as we will be taking a holiday break to celebrate with our own family.

We’re offering a holiday discount code throughout November. Use HOLIDAYS10OFF for 10% off your order.

9 thoughts

  1. How can I order a breastfeeding ornament? My e-mail is, I am also on facebook. There is no way to order anything on here! Please respond ASAP I need one for my daughter! My grandson is 3 months old today- please advise…

      1. Your link to etsy never works – at least for me.
        I don’t know how to access your holiday ornaments.
        Is there another way? Thank you.

      2. Hi – Yes, that is the link that doesn’t work –
        Nor does it work when I click on the group photo of the ornaments, nor on the “Etsy shop” headliner at the top.
        Perhaps it is just a problem with my computer, I don’t know.
        But, I really want to order some when they are available again!
        I WAS able to get into your pages on etsy via some other link, just recently, however.
        Will the ornaments just be posted there with all the other items?
        Maybe I can just order from that page.
        Thanks so much!

      3. Hmm. That’s so strange! All of them work for me and should work for everyone. I’m glad to know that there is an issue in case other people have the same problem. Yes, the ornaments will be there with everything else. They should show up as the first items on the page when we get them re-listed.

        I’m going to include this link instead, just in case:

      4. If you can never get it to work, I can send you a paypal invoice for your order and we’ll just fulfill your order off-etsy in that way.

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