This Week at Brigid’s Grove: Red Tent Chants, Tiny Goddesses, and Verandahing

We had a fun, energetic, beautiful Red Tent Circle last night at WomanSpace in Rolla I feel so lucky to have these lovely women in my life and for the opportunity to bring them together in sacred circle! For a peek into our Circle, check out our raucous rendition of the ecstatic chant, I am ALIVE. It was so much fun!

Speaking of Red Tents, I had a lovely conversation this week with a virtual Red Tent with Journey Of Young Women talking about Womanrunes and how to use them with girls’ and women’s circles. I’m working on a companion video to explore this subject more, since I have lots of ideas and lots of projects to show.

We recently finished a new tiny birth goddess design! She’s a mini-blessing kit exclusive. I love tiny things, so I’m extra happy with her. Perfect pocket-sized empowering inspiration!


The motherwort I planted from seeds this spring (to make my own tea and tincture) actually grew!

September 2015 073We have recently taken to calling our back deck “the veranda.” Life is much nicer with a veranda in it and we regularly make time to sit out there in the morning as well as walk there at night. I got the term “verandahing” from Leonie Dawson and I highly recommend this practice of making time daily to sit outside on your veranda (deck, porch, front stoop, stair, whatever you’ve got, just try it!). 

September 2015 158

Verandahing. I highly recommend it.

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September 2015 005

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