Sneak Peek: Babywearing Mama and Connected Mama (breastfeeding edition)

10629611_1663502620528620_8886377867104357338_nI’m so excited about both of these two new prototype sculptures! They are both almost ready to be molded–Mark has filled in their various spaces with clay and they’re both waiting patiently on the workroom counter for silicone to be poured around them (he then had to take our van in to be inspected, we had a lot of wonderful orders to fulfill, and then we’ve had other errands as well as a birthday party for our oldest son happening today, so instead of continuing to work on them I’m going to have to be more patient than I’d like!)

One of our Facebook fans commented that the babywearing mama looks like a mermaid. In fact, I’d been thinking of making a nursing mama mermaid pendant prototype, so perhaps my mermaid vibes crossed over and influenced her! I’m looking forward to using our turquoise mica pigment on a cast of her because I think it will bring out her inner mermaid even more.

The nursing mama is joining our Centered Mama collection. These mamas are meant to be slightly more realistic, less stylized/goddessy than our classic sculptures. She’s holding her baby’s hand in a loving way, but also in a way that reduces the option of nipple twiddling. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I made both of these prototype sculptures over the weekend while simultaneously breastfeeding and babywearing. Art imitates life!



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  1. I love those! They’re so beautiful. And I love that you were babywearing and breastfeeding while making them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss those days…

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