This Week at Brigid’s Grove…

“To inhabit your physical self fully, without apology, is a true act of power.”

–Camille Maurine 

I woke up this morning with this quote from my favorite meditation book in my head. We created some new Ancient Mother blessing bundles recently and this quote feels like part of the very essence of my beloved Goddess of Willendorf.

We’ve also added some new Moon Wisdom/First Moon bundles to the shop:

11825154_1650996815112534_7593072070926503121_nWe have some colorful new spiral goddess ‪#‎blessingbundles‬ also. I love these multi-gemstone bracelets. They’re so lively and energetic!

And, our new blessing cards came in. We were printing these on regular printer paper and are excited to have nice, professional cards instead!

11800234_1650792701799612_305310151573875723_nRed Tent Initiation program kits hit the mail yesterday on their way to four countries! There are still a few spaces left in the program if it is calling your name…we begin August 29.

My mom made some more of her beautiful elemental harmony altar bowls. These are handmade, hand thrown, pottery bowls that bring all four elements into one beautiful piece! We only have six of them total:

And, we’ve birthed our new class, beginning in October: Listening to the Deep Self: Divination Practicum for Women.

A couple of months ago, my baby lost my little yoga goddess pewter figurine. She magically turned up this week at the very bottom of my supplies for my SoulCollage cards and she felt like a little self-care message for me. The very next day we discovered we still have a small quantity of her rough cast, even though we discontinued her early this year. So, if anyone missed their chance to get her then, we’ve actually got a few more now!

11817251_1652131468332402_8964309065283691500_nWe also worked hard recently updating a “hub” page for ceremony/ritual resources: Ceremony Resources – Brigid’s Grove.

Your additions and ideas are welcomed!

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