Sneak Peek: Pregnant Mama

I have a tendency to want to wait to “reveal” our new work once it is finally completely finished and ready to sell. However, I’ve realized that people also like to see sneak peaks and behind the scenes! So, here we go…

11850648_10207522285005258_4065455347313524959_oI’ve had several requests for a mama with her arms on her belly rather than upraised in the classic goddess pose. This contemplative, nurturing mama design was my result. The green is clay Mark uses to fill in small gaps so that the mold will cast correctly. As I type, she is completely immersed in silicone, which has to cure for more than 24 hours. After that, Mark will carefully cut her out using an exacto knife and being careful not to damage any of the sensitive lines of the mold. Waiting for her to emerge from the mold is a birthing process in itself…careful. Don’t pull too hard. Umph. Something is a little stuck. Oh! Here she comes. I’ve got her now.

Sometimes the original lose parts of themselves in the process, even their heads occasionally!

After the original sculpt is removed from the silicone, we then start casting the figures using casting resin and mica pigments. Mark does all of the casting work. Each figure that is removed from the mold is unique, because no two ever cast exactly alike. The mold can be used for many casts before it begins to break down and either the sculpture design is discontinued, I sculpt a new similar original, or Mark remolds a prior original. It often takes us a while to create the new casts without small bubbles or other flaws. Mark hand-finishes each sculpture, trimming any flashing around the seams and buffing off the bottom of the figurines so they sit correctly (they have a “stand” on the bottom to allow pouring the resin in without leaving air pockets and that stand that has to be manually cut off of each one).

It takes quite a while to get from original sculpture to sellable product. I think sometimes people think we have an idea and a couple of days later have it ready to sell and listed in the shop. I created the original sculpture for this pregnant mama about three months ago and she’s just now ready in the line up to be molded and cast! I’m so excited to see a finished result either tonight or tomorrow. We look forward to sharing her with you.

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