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  1. Listening to your recording about Wondering and Wondering, many, many things from the past that have happened in my own yard came to mind.

    I live in the suburbs of Tacoma, Washington and our property is only 60’ x 120’, but many wonderful things are happening here.

    On New Years Day several years ago we went outside so my son could ride his brand new bicycle on the sidewalk. Just as I reached the gate, a Cooper’s Hawk landed literally at my feet with a House Sparrow in his mouth! I guess he didn’t see me, but when he transferred the bird to his talons on the ground and looked up, it startled him so much he flew off without the sparrow. The little bird miraculously was still alive and sat there for a minute before it took to the skies himself.

    One Spring day, I went out to our yard and discovered we had an impromptu squirrel nursery! Thirteen baby squirrels in a frantic frenzy were running around the yard! I know there were 13, because I counted them (not easy to do) as I sat down to watch from our picnic table. They were so unaware of my presence, that as they cavorted around, they kept running into my legs! This had never happened before and hasn’t happened again-that I’m aware of.

    We have a male hummingbird that visits our yard regularly (he loves the quince planted along our fence). When I hear his buzz sound, I look over at the quince from my kitchen window or from my gazebo to stare until I can catch his movements. One day, I was sitting on our garden swing with my two cats (one on either side of me), with the quince behind me and the hummingbird hovered in front of me and the cats for more than several seconds. Another time, I was in my gazebo, again with my cats, and he came in through the doorway and hovered about a yard away from us and again watched us for more than a few seconds. Strange behavior! I guess he was curious.

    Years ago my husband called me to the window to look out at our parking strip in the front of our house. There were two crows in the gutter, one bringing food and feeding the other. My husband commented that it must be a baby bird and the parent was taking care if it. I then commented that it couldn’t possibly be a baby, it was the middle of winter! What was happening, was the crow taking care of it’s crippled mate. After watching for awhile, we determined that the crow being fed had a bad leg. I named that crow “Cassidy” (as in Hop-a-long Cassidy) and the care taker, “Buddy”. Those two crows lived in our tree for several years, raising their babies in our yard. The tree in the front yard is very big and it had branches that bent clear to the ground making our front yard a safe place for them to live.

    Another story about crows-many years ago, we noticed as we drove down our street several blocks away from our home, a white crow! We never saw it in our yard, it was always in the same area several blocks away. I’ve since learned crows have territories and that was where the white crow lived. Recently, we have been feeding the crows peanuts. I had my husband put a film on the window in my living room so I can see them feeding, but they can’t see me. One day crows started arriving from all over-not just the ones that live on our street. I saw 4 crows that had varying amounts of white feathers! I can only conclude that they are the descendants of The White Crow!

    These are just a few of the things I have observed in and around my own backyard.

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