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Our jewelry is specifically created to tell a story, share an experience, or remind you of something you know about yourself. We believe jewelry can be used to mark significant moments in your life, to communicate certain messages, and to remind yourself of lessons or experiences and to serve as powerful touchstones.

One of our guiding quotes as we create our work is a quote from poet Mary Oliver:

Instructions for living a life

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

These pendants are born from paying attention, being astonished, and telling about it. We hope they remind you of your own astonishment and help you tell about it.

Our lead-free pewter pendants are miniature versions of the sculptures Molly began making during her pregnancy but in a wearable form. Each pendant is about an inch and a half tall. The pendants are first created in clay as an original sculpture and then a mold is made from the sculpt. Mark then casts the pendants using lead-free pewter and finishes, shapes, and polishes each by hand. Each sculpture is a limited edition and will only be able to be created as long as the mold for it lasts.

Recent Reviews

“I ordered this nursing goddess and the crescent moon pendants and am just beyond words. I absolutely LOVE them. I’ve been looking for these items forever and am so happy I stumbled upon them here. Shipping was very fast and they are beyond my expectations. I am so very pleased with everything and will def reccomemend this shop to everyone as well as purchase again! Thank you SO much for everything!”


“It is an original piece with a lot of heart! I am a new fan of this artist and her lovely vision of women, children, and life in her thoughtful work.”


“I love all the work that comes out of this shop it beautiful.”


 “Even more beautiful in person!”


“It’s amazing! I wear it all the time, it’s beautiful! My breastfeeding son really likes it too!”


“Just got this work of art in the mail, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! It’s is not too big, as I feared it might be. It’s a truly unique pendant, I love the sentiment behind it, and it gives me hope as an aspiring nurse, and hopefully one day a nurse midwife.”


“I love the size and weight of this piece. The Brigid’s Grove pendants are wonderful. I love the energy and emotion in each one.”


“This is SO beautiful! I’m a doula/student midwife who wanted a ‘birthing’ necklace and this pendant was the most attractive option by far. The casting is fantastic and the pendant itself is just lovely.”


Our Pewter Pendants on Etsy

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  1. I’m delighted to have found your website! I love your art pieces and am part of a circle of women on Cape Cod that has been doing Red Tents for several years now. I am interested in your Rune starter kit but was unable to type my information into the form. In my professional life I was a teacher of the Deaf and had a chance to guest teach in Exeter England, while there I made Rune Stones and sold them to help supplement my earnings… it was a magical time for me. Andrea

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