Mother Blessing Gifts

Wondering where to buy a present for a mother blessing ceremony? We are pleased to offer an affordable line of small gifts specifically designed for mother blessings.

These sweet and simple crystal glass bead and silver colored metal birth charms come in variety of colors and make perfect additions to a birth blessing bracelet, mother blessing necklace, or to be worn on their own as a simple pendant.

Birth goddess and birth spiral charms on etsy.

Our birth chakra charms are popular gift choices too.
il_570xN.682994170_sommWe also have gorgeous gemstone birth power bracelets!

il_570xN.662997240_db6iOur Birth Art sculptures also make meaningful additions to a birth altar or mother blessing, so don’t miss them!

The entire Blessingway Ceremony is a template for childbirth. The beginning rituals are like nesting and early labor. The grooming and washing like active labor. The gift giving like giving birth and the closing songs/prayers, delivery of the placenta and postpartum. A shamanic midwife learns how to read a Blessingway diagnostically and mythically, sharing what she saw with the pregnant woman in order to clear the road better for birth.


Birth is a woman’s spiritual vision quest. When this idea is ritualized beforehand, the deeper meanings of childbirth can more readily be accessed. Birth is also beyond any one woman’s personal desires and will, binding her in the community of all women. Like the birthing beads, her experiences is one more bead on a very long strand connecting all mothers. Rituals for birth hone these birthing beads, bringing to light each facet of the journey of birth…


–Jeannine Pavarti Baker

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