Womanrunes Sets

Listening to the deep self
Womanrunes are a unique and powerful divination system that use simple, woman-identified symbols to connect deeply with your own inner wisdom as well as the flow of womanspirit knowledge that surrounds you. Used as a personal oracle, they offer spiritual insight, understanding, and guidance as well as calls to action and discovery. Women who use them are amazed to discover how the symbols and interpretations reach out with exactly what you need in that moment. Women’s experiences with Womanrunes are powerful, magical, inspirational, potent, and mystical. The wisdom within them can be drawn upon again and again.

You can read much more about Womanrunes and how to use them on their own page.

IMG_0869Ritual Recipe Kit

If you’re looking for information and ideas about how to plan a mother blessing ceremony, a menarche celebration, or a crone ritual, this affordable, ebook is for you! Only $3.99, this 68 page ritual recipe kit includes unique “ritual recipes” for maiden, mother, and crone ceremonies, as well as an facilitation overview. Each ritual contains a complete ritual script, suggested supplies, an actual ritual-relevant recipe, readings, songs and more!


Earthprayer, Birthprayer, Lifeprayer, Womanprayer

This the wisdom
of woodspaces
this is the meditation
of Earthplaces…

Earthprayer, Birthprayer, Lifeprayer, Womanprayer is a 114 page book of earth-based poetry containing four thematic sections all rooted in connection to the land and to the cycles of life. This poetry collection is one of the results of a committed, devotional year-long “woodspriestess” practice. I maintained this practice throughout 2013, eventually spending approximately 330 days that year in the same place in the woods listening to what they had to tell me about life, myself, and the Earth.
The book is also easily available with free Prime shipping from Amazon US and Amazon UK.


Restoring Women to Ceremony: The Red Tent Resource Kit

Are you hungering for depth, connection, restoration, and renewal in a busy world? Are you yearning to reach out to other women in sisterhood and co-create a powerful Red Tent Circle experience? This kit is for you!

Restoring Women to Ceremony: The Red Tent Resource Kit was written exclusively as part of a rich collection of resources for Red Tent Circles. In this collection of essays and ritual resources, you will find complete Red Tent “recipes,” circle leadership basics, moontime musings, and readings, quotes, and poems to help you facilitate a rich, inviting, welcoming, creative space for the women of your community.


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