Poem: a Reminder (+ Claiming Our Magic)

Even when we experience setbacks,
when we feel small
and defeated and forlorn,
we can return to center.
We can drop inward
and sense the chord
of the sacred
that chimes within,
the beat of the holy
beneath our own skin.
We can trust ourselves.
We can listen.
We can lift our brave
and persistent prayers
up beneath the moon,
letting them be held and heard.
We are here,
that means there is magic left
to make
and do
and see
and be.

I’ve been feeling a little frazzled this week as I record workshops and schedule content for Claiming Our Magic, an online retreat in June celebrating the release of my new book: 365 Days of Goddess. Often, coming back to my own words, written during my morning devotional practice, is nourishing to me–these words reach back out as a reminder and a restoration. As Patricia Lynn Reilly says: “the life practice is to return.”

In a society that often encourages us to silence our voices, deny our wisdom, quiet our creativity, and dim our lights, it’s time to reclaim our power and our magic. This virtual retreat is your chance to tap into your inner knowing, practice the presence of the goddess, and reclaim your wholeness. Over three transformational days starting June 20th, you’ll receive daily emails with 20-30 minute videos and sacred practices to help you drop into your power and claim your magic. Through guided exercises, simple rituals, and journaling prompts, you’ll reconnect with your intuition, embrace your power, and gain clarity on how to infuse more meaning and magic into each day. Then on June 23rd, join us for a live Zoom celebration to close out the retreat surrounded by other path-finders and magic-seekers. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this online retreat will empower you with the tools and community to unlock your magic. The world needs your magic–are you ready to claim it?

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